What Do You Bring to the Table?
A Savory, Sensory & Inspirational Guide to Living a Yummy Delicious Life©


Shelley Whizin’s book, “What Do You Bring to the Table? A Savory, Sensory and Inspirational Guide to Living a Yummy Delicious Life,” is not your typical cookbook.  It’s a unique, one-of-a-kind “hybrid cookbook” that hits the spot with its readers. It’s designed to be a “who you are while you are cooking” cookbook and is filled with educational and inspirational life-changing perspectives, focusing on what you “bring” to the table of your life, rather than what you “get” from life.

Each chapter brings an array of life lessons and based on an array of methodologies Shelley uses in her daily life.  Happy Mindful Meditations in each chapter are designed to inspire a habit of giving readers a few moments of time – a purposeful “time-out”, prior to cooking, along with a place to write self-reflections.  Identifying your unique essence increases your joy factor, while cooking in the kitchen.  The concepts written in the book fill your body, your heart, your mind, and your soul with a sense of delight.  Shelley offers some of her favorite, easy to make yummy delicious recipes with gorgeous photos that are so delectable, you will want to eat the food right off the page.

Shelley encourages her readers to BE conscious of bringing love into preparing, cooking and serving every meal.  Each chapter is filled with ways for readers to become more aware of the energy they manage, reminding them to, become the CEOs (Chief Energy Officers) of their own lives.   Shelley provides you with a formula to cook with awareness, thoughtfulness and with love infused into preparing, cooking and serving your family, friends and yourself.

“Instinct Cooking” is a term Shelley has coined to encourage everyone to use their own intuition in adding to the recipes, finding their own particular tastes and making them their own in a fun way to cook or bake in the kitchen.


Highlights from the book include:

11 Happy Mindful Meditations

55 bite size re-minders for living a yummy delicious life

14 easy to make recipes with ingredients that are easy to find

Full color photos with every recipe


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What people are saying about What Do You Bring to the Table:

“What Do You Bring to the Table? is about understanding and appreciating life’s basics through the analogy of cooking – you get what you put in. Shelley’s book gives valuable insights on how to live life, and her wise approach guides us on how to be the best version of ourselves. This cookbook is a spiritual journey by itself, and I enjoyed it very much. Shelley’s teachings can definitely be life-changing!

Darsweil Rogers, Co-Managing Partner CFP Innovation,

Radio Talk Show Host


“After reading What Do You Bring to the Table? I learned the meaning of living your life from the inside out. I can now take this learning and apply it to my relationships, my job and the way I treat myself. Using cooking as an analogy for life brings a unique approach because it engages your whole body – heart and mind. I found it especially helpful to take a few moments to do the Happy Mindful Meditations prior to cooking, and I also do them at any other time to tap into the way my entire body feels. As a person who has struggled with anxiety and panic attacks since I was a child, I found that the Meditations were incredibly helpful. Furthermore, these Mediations serve as key additions to my arsenal of daily practices that help with my overall well-being and are great for helping me ground myself. This book is one that I would give as a gift to my friends and family. Although it’s a self-help book in many ways, it’s also a book that can bring families together by stimulating discussion and mindfulness. It promotes human understanding with kindness, fostering a deeper conscientious awareness – even a renewed commitment, of how important it is to own taking quality time with one another in a healthy way. The book is deeply meaningful treat for the senses, and food for the soul.”

-Emily Stoltzman, Make-up Artist


“When I heard that Shelley was putting out a cookbook that combined food with her wise teachings on BEing human, I knew it would be a hit.  Through her words, Shelley Whizin exemplifies kindness, forgiveness, joy, and love for all, using cooking recipes not only to feed the body, but more importantly to encourage an awareness of soul nurturing. As a recipient of her friendship and a learner of all she teaches, I have witnessed, celebrated and enjoyed all Shelley brings to the table, and not just with food which defines ‘yummy delicious’, but also to the table of life!!! This book serves food for thought on a platter of love.”

– Jill Schoelen, Actress, Singer, Producer


“Shelley Whizin’s book, What Do You Bring to the Table? is spot on in its messages, and there are many helpful insights I got in reading her book.  These have helped me remove stress, be more conscious of coming from compassion, caring, love, and joy. It brought me a renewed conscientiousness in sharing – no matter how simple the recipe may be, and the deep breathing in the Happy Mindful Meditations brought renewed importance for me.  This book is a COVID19 Survival Guide, and it has helped me focus on my life not COVID. I’m more aware every day now of what I bring to the table of life, and cook delicious, healthy food with Love. Thanks, Shelley”.

-Sam Herr, Retired Restaurateur, Chief Food Preparer