Your Virtual Media Invitation to Attend
a Cookbook Event with Shelley Whizin

author of

“What Do You Bring to the Table?
A Savory, Sensory and Inspirational Guide
to Living a Yummy Delicious Life”


When:  Tuesday November 19th, 2020

Time:    12:00pm PST Time: 12:00pm PST | 2:00pm CT | 3:00pm EST | 8:00pm UK | 9:00pm EU/So Africa   | 3:00am Nov 18th ASIA | 6:00am Nov 18th AU

Where: At your home computer or smartphone

How:     An email will be sent to you to view the presentation


Shelley Whizin, Founder of the Soul Diving Institute (SDI), is also a self-taught cook since childhood. She warmly invites you to tune in as she introduces her hybrid cookbook filled with conscious awareness concepts infused into easy to make recipes. In her book, Shelley takes you on a Deep-Dive into the concept of using food as the impetus for life quality enhancement using Mindful Meditations prior to preparing food. Increasing the Joy Factor in daily life is the key to living a yummy delicious life. Her unique methodology is called Soul-Diving. Deep Diving’s are based on her programs and teachings offered at her Soul Diving Institute, adapted in her book for easy understanding, delightful cooking, and served on platters of enlightenments.

Shelley says, “What you bring to your life is more important than focusing on what you get from life. Bring love into everything you do, and live by bringing first to yourself honor, dignity and regard. When you bring love into your cooking you are nourishing your heart, mind, and soul. The power is yours, and you deserve to live your best life!

This incredibly unique cookbook also features some family recipes that have been passed down over three generations. Her family cheesecake recipe is included in her book and can also be bought at their Long Beach gluten-free bakery, Twice Baked Bakery, owned by her sister Judy and her niece Dahlia.  This recipe is a huge favorite among friends and family and a big hit at parties.

“What Do You Bring to the Table?” is full of gifts meant to be shared with the world. Join Shelley on November 19th, 2020, for the launch of this insightful, savory, sweet, and inspirational book.


More about the cookbook: What Do You Bring to the Table? A Savory, Sensory and Inspirational Guide to Living a Yummy Delicious Life:



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WHAT DO YOU BRING TO THE TABLE? A SAVORY, SENSORY AND INSPIRATIONAL GUIDE TO LIVING A YUMMY DELICIOUS LIFE by Shelley Whizin, self-taught cook and founder of the Soul Diving Institute is now available on Amazon.