When a person is reaching the end of their life, the best thing you can do as a friend or family member is try to comfort them.

This can be so difficult to do because rarely does anyone want to face their own mortality or that of a loved one.

But you can’t just sit there in silence. Being with someone who is dying or with their loved ones can definitely be a source of comfort. At some point, though, you’re going to want to say something.

Though you might not do this in person because of circumstances or your own comfort level, you can do it through the written word.

And choosing thoughtful end of life quotes can be a wonderful gift to those who are facing death, as well as their loved ones.

How so?

Read on to discover why utilizing popular end of life quotes verbally or within a handwritten note can be one of the most beautiful gifts you could ever give.

How to Use these Sayings to Benefit Yourself and Others

At first, the idea of using end of life quotes in the company of someone who is grieving or on their deathbed might not seem like the best idea.

However, you can use these quotes and sayings to actually comfort, uplift, and strengthen those who are dealing with such a difficult period of time.

Besides using end of life quotes to help others, you can use them to help yourself, too.

Reading quotes about how people have found peace at the end of their life or how they’ve been able to look back and see that they lived a life full of love can help you find some peace.

Some of the Best End of Life Quotes and Sayings of All Time

When it comes to end of life quotes and sayings, there are plenty to be had.

Authors, scholars, theologians, and philosophers have all had something to say about the end of one’s life down through the ages.

Here is a sampling of some that might resonate with you or someone you know who is facing the end of their life.

Oliver Sacks End of Life Quote in Gratitude

I find my thoughts drifting to the Sabbath, the day of rest, the seventh day of the week, and perhaps the seventh day of one’s life as well, when one can feel that one’s work is done, and one may, in good conscience, rest.

This quote can help us understand that the end of a person’s life – particularly one that has been long or tiresome due to a fight with illness – may be a welcome form of rest. Though they don’t want to leave their loved ones, the idea of rest appeals to them.

Brent M. Jones (author) – When All Is Said and Done

When it is all said and done all you have left is who you are.

This quote is a good reminder that none of us are going to be able to take our belongings with us. At the end of our life, what we have is the person we are. This is the person we’ve become over time because of our experiences and relationships.

This quote can be comforting to those who haven’t been able to accumulate a lot of possessions or money during their lifetime. In the end, they know that their value isn’t dependent on those things.

Erma Bombeck – Using Our God-Given Talents

When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, but could say, ‘I used everything you gave me.

Do you know someone who has used their life to the full? This quote can be used to show them just how wonderful it was that they utilized their talents during their lifetime. Even if the person doesn’t believe in God, they’ll get the point that living such a life is a gift – both for themselves and others.

Words Have Power – Use Them Thoughtfully and With Loving Kindness

Utilizing end of life quotes can be a beautiful way to express your love for someone and give them some comfort during an extremely difficult time.

However, if said in the wrong setting, tone of voice, or time, these quotes can be off-putting. To some people, they can be downright offensive.

Obviously, that’s not your intention, but it’s important to know when to express yourself so that the real meaning behind your words is properly conveyed.

Think about what the dying person and/or their family members are going through. How would you feel in this situation? And when do you think would be the right time to share your specially chosen end of life quotes?

In the end, your thoughtfully conveyed message will be a source of comfort and solace. Those you share it with will feel the love that you have for them and the kindness of your intent.