“An unexamined life is not worth living.”  

– Socrates

About Soul Diving


Soul Diving™ is the guided process we use to explore what it is to be Human from the soul’s perspective in a practical way that is easy to understand. It is a way in which to consciously and effectively navigate your human experience with as much ease and grace as possible. It is a journey into the depth of your own heart and soul, first to discover what lies beneath the surface: including what you believe, what holds you back, and what you desire; then presents creative, healthy and loving ways to live a more fulfilling, meaningful and joyful life.

Soul Diving™ is for those who want to deepen the quality of their lives, who are committed to mastering BEing Human and helping others to do the same.

Soul Divers™ take deep dives into the subjects of life and death and explore what it means to be spiritual beings having a human experience. You will learn how to replace limiting patterns of thinking, to shift your old thoughts and to create new paradigms by exploring a variety of possibilities you may never have considered before.

Soul Diving™ utilizes out of the box and “in the water” intentional thinking, through venturing into various cultures, rituals, stories, exercises, journaling, movies, discussions, and personal experiences that are purposeful, mindful, fun, exciting, and illuminating.

By studying the Art and Science of BEing Human through the process of Soul Diving™ you uncover a world that may be foreign to you: the deepest parts of your own Soul. Don’t be surprised if your life changes in ways you’ve always dreamed it would.

Soul Diving™ is an empowering journey designed to help you live a happier, more fulfilling, and joyful life. Soul Diving™ is a creative, healthy and loving experience, like having your very own “Spiritual GPS,” guiding you from where you are, to where you want to BE, mentally, spiritually, emotionally and physically with a lot of love and fun infused along the way.

Through the process of Soul Diving™, you learn how to live with a sense of well-being, from the inside out, regardless of what’s going on around you, reminding you what you already know within your heart and soul, through your thoughts, your beliefs, your words, your intentions, and your actions.