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Welcome to the Soul Diving Institute™
Get Ready for the Deep Dive of Your Life

“In every case, the remedy is to take action. Get clear about exactly what it is that you need to learn and
exactly what you need to do to learn it. BEING CLEAR KILLS FEAR. Make it thy business to know thyself,
which is the most difficult lesson in the world.”

Miguel de Cervantes

The Soul Diving Institute™ (SDI) offers programs related to the study of the art and science of BEing Human. The studies focus on the complex dynamics between the human and the soul. We teach how to better the quality of everyday experiences through Deep-Diving, trading up old un-serving ways paving the way to adopting new ways of thinking and BEing. Part of our focus is also how to solve problems and challenges that come up in daily life.  Take a Deep Dive with us into BEing human from the soul’s perspective.

Our intention in all Soul Diving™ journeys is to find ways to attain and sustain a sense of joy every day in life, maintain well-being, have calm, and instill a conscientious gratitude for what is. The art of living becomes achieved when each one feels they’re living a more exuberant, fulfilling and meaningful life, a better sense of everyday joy in living.  A LOT of fun must be added to the equation to the fulfill your sense of wellbeing.

 SDI is the safe place for your Deep Dive:

  • To learn how to live a more worry-free life…
  • To feel less overwhelm and happier…
  • To release self-doubts about achieving your dreams…
  • To make peace with yourself and not feel always bad about things…
  • To have much more satisfying relationships, especially the one with yourself…
  • To feel connected, therefore less lonely and isolated
  • To learn how to give empathy, expressing more compassion, especially when a loved one is deeply sad, dying or grieving…

Soul Diving™ is a methodology used to guide self-introspection and see oneself as in a mirror.  In other words, it’s a personal commitment you make to yourself to engage on an inner journey where your desired outcome can be achieved.  Everything is what you put in it too, and when you commit to yourself you stand to come out with mindful shifts and awaken to different, more elevated quality of life.  Soul Diving™ is a system for getting you from where you are to where you want to BE, like a “spiritual GPS system” in an accelerated manner, offering you perspectives from which to see that will change your mind and change your life.

Having a human experience is different for everyone, not dependent on age, gender, race, profession, job, religion or any other differences. As humans, our intention is to navigate this human experience with as much ease and grace as possible… all the way to the end. The journey is about honor, dignity and regard for yourself.

SDI’s Mission

My personal mission and my life foundation is about bringing love into everything I do.  SDI’s mission is based on the principal of bringing love into everything you do, by teaching individuals to go through all their human experiences with guided tools to navigate them with honor, dignity, and regard. SDI helps all committed individuals to live a more purpose-driven life with more confidence and courage – one that is more joyous and fulfilling.

-Shelley Whizin, Author, Founder & CEO, Soul Diving Institute, Soul Diving™ Master Guide, Life Coach, Trainer, Speaker, Celebrant, End of Life Trainer

My life’s passion is to gently and lovingly teach, support and guide individuals through the challenges of living, and the experiences around dying.  My mission is to help you navigate through your fears, limited beliefs, overwhelm, and heartbreak, including all the emotions involved from losing yourself in a relationship to losing a loved one, ultimately finding a sense of solace, well-being and peace within.”

– Shelley Whizin Founder, Soul Diving Institute, Soul Diving Master Guide,

Certified Death Midwife, Celebrant and End of Life Trainer, Corporate Speaker

Author of “What Do You Bring to the Table?”, “The Healing Journal”, and “The Magical Baby Grand Piano”

Shelley Whizin