Soul Diving Institute

What people are saying...


"I've learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel."

~ Maya Angelou

"It is such an honor to be able to serve people, to offer fresh new perspectives they might not have considered before, and to see their lives improve, to see them more joyous, more present, more conscious with every decision they make.  I serve out of love, and believe me when I tell you, it is such a privilege to hold someone's life (and death) in my hands.  I do not take that lightly."

~ Shelley Whizin


“Shelley, you are first and foremost, loving, honest, highly trained, funny, and put every ounce of yourself into whatever you do.  You create a positive space, a safe space, a nonjudgmental space, and are extremely gifted… at life. You focus on what counts in a person’s life, and help make that reality even better for them.  You know how to give, and you are learning how to receive.  You are adorable and so easy to love!!  You are extremely gifted (again)!   You use the vast array of challenges and life experiences in many different realms, from shamanic, to deep religious study, to practical solutions, to the highest spiritual intuitions, therefore making you an eclectic and powerful woman.  You put 150% of yourself in everything you do, and you are so very WISE, WISE, WISE!  I LOVE MY SHELLEY BELLY!”

- Diana F, Medium, Violet Flame

“My experience of healing with you, my most precious One, is that you shine the light of unconditional love and non judgment into every moment, shining a beam of light on the illusion that is causing the pain and suffering, which then lovingly brings the awareness, truth and the solution.:::))))”

- Christinea J, Healer, Graphic Designer

“My life coach, Shelley Whizin, literally saved my life when I was diagnosed with breast cancer and when I lost my husband of 45 years, Gene.   She teaches how to navigate through Earth's adventures looking through the eyes of our bodies, minds, and Spirits, and come out a greater person. Her talents are invaluable to one’s life, and to One's Soul.”  (short version... see longer version below)

- Toni B, CEO, Acting For Life; President, Here's To Life Foundation; Lyricist, Actor, Teacher

“Shelley, you wake people up with a very gentle manner—so that they believe a new perspective—and new life—is possible for them.  Gentle, in that you prove that very small changes can make a very big difference—so they can get out of their inertia, and go for what they want—what their soul desires.”

- Mimi D, Speaker, Writing Coach

“When I think of you, the first thing that happens is I am filled with gratitude for how you've cared for Gene and Toni Bua, during the most challenging times of their lives.  You've shown by example how one person can make a difference in another's life with patience, kindness and speaking your truth. 

The second thing I think of is your immense courage.  Sharing your life story with the AFL family in Friday's class was so brave!  You shared so many "prickly" personal details of your amazing life, and in doing so, you not only helped “unload your own load', but also encouraged others to be brave about sharing about their lives, as well.  Life is not for sissies, and honey, you a sissy you ain't!  You are fierce and mighty!!

The third thing I think of when I think of you is how much you love your daughter.  Every time you mention her, your entire being lights up from the inside, and you warm others with the love you feel for her. 

Love is the Light of the world, and honey, you are a BEACON!!!  (AND a 'genie'!!!)”

- Pamela C, Singer, Actress, Performer

“You make me laugh!   You are present, you are with the heart of the "other" and you connect deeply I feel almost like an I and Thou (Buber) experience.”

- Lynda L, MA, MFT

“These are the words that come to mind when I think of you, Shelley:
Invitation to be engaged with life.
Living fully, lovingly,
Authentic Joy
Live Now, Live Well"

“It was so wonderful being in your weekend training; it helped me grow in many ways.  I hope I see you again sometime, as I really appreciate you and your warmth, humor, and big-hearted wisdom.  Thank you for your inspiration to go on this path.”

- Annette B, Reiki and Massage Therapist

“The Brigade training is forever embedded in my being.  The training healed my "Soul," and I thank you for allowing me to bring my brokenness for mending through the various exercises and the ultimate power of love. Thank you! I tell everyone I come in contact that are in my similar condition or just broken about your powerful healing workshop/training.  I hope they are open to an incredible healing that is enduring and special.
Thank you for loving me and introducing me to lovers of healing.  I love you and pray for your continual call to heal.  Forever grateful!”

- Porchia J, Graduate of The Twilight Brigade Training

“Hello Dear Heart!  I received your evaluations and I am so absolutely delighted with all the glowing response (not surprised, however), but to see it all in writing and so very positive.  It makes my heart sing!  You are a very talented trainer and I am honored to have you on board with us.  Just had to let you know!  I don't need to say keep up the good work, because I know you will.  I am sending tons of love your way.”

- Sandy H, National Training Director, The Twilight Brigade

"Shelley Whizin's unique personality brings human warmth and love into a fearful environment. Few of us have been taught how to respond around those we love and care for during the emotional and stressful time of losing a loved one. Her sense of calmness and compassion for all involved is a needed addition when loved ones are nearing their final days."

- Jerry F, Commercial Real Estate Investor

"I believe Shelley Whizin is the Nightingale of our times and a Nurse of the Universe.  Shelley is caring, loving, nurturing, and most of all allows one to grieve with dignity and support.  She shows compassion and respect and was there during the most crucial time.

During the last weeks of my father’s illness, Shelley was sensitive, sincere and feelingful as well as empathic and understanding toward me.  She helped me deal with the stress and pain with courage and hope and at the same time was insightful to the
experience of my loss."

- Andrea S, Advertising Executive

"Shelley, it’s with deep gratitude that I write to you.  You arrived upon the Family, immediately caring and helping us make it through what was the lowest point for us all.
Your compassion and understanding help unite our family and showed us how to honor our father not only in his last days, but also in his passing.

Shelley, you truly were the calm in our storm. Not only did you help comfort all around you, but also took care of all the details and needs for our family. Two small words don’t seem enough to express my gratitude but with all my heart and soul.  Thank you."

- Alec S, National Electronics Recycling Director

"Shelley Silver Whizin is more then my dear friend and Health Advocate. She is my SuperStar Guardian Angel! From the day I was diagnosed with stage two breast cancer January 11, 2011, Shelley stepped in and took the role of best friend, soul sister- and health advocate.

Shelley created “Toni’s Healing Village”, an e-mail list and active communication of my friends, to arrange for meals to be brought in, drivers for massive doctor’s appointments, and any kind of shout out of Love I might need during these trying times. She has driven me, stayed with me, and taken notes for every Doctor I met with. She treats my Cancer as a Life Journey- a great adventure, keeping me calm and centered... She’s a combination of a great Producer, Healer, Yogi, and the sister/best friend I always dreamed of but never had.

On Valentine’s Day when Shelley picked me up for my surgery, she brought a huge package to my house. I opened it up and it was filled with surprise after surprise- a beautiful stained glass heart, candles, yummy treats, a poem she wrote for me and my husband, Gene, and so much more. By the time I went into the operating room I was so calm and filled with confidence and love, any fear had vanished and I had the positive, winning attitude one needs to come out of this a winner.

On my first day of Chemo, there she was sitting right next to me, making me laugh, reminding me to breathe, asking questions of my technician so I would understand everything that was going on. That day, Shelley brought me a great big purple bag, which she called Toni’s “Chemo TREAT bag’- she filled it with calming CD’s she had created for me, a portable CD player, and the most gorgeous faux mink blanket in case I got cold during treatment. At home, she had filled my fridge with the most wondrous and healthy foods from Trader Joe’s, so I didn’t have to worry about a thing.

Shelley prepares her unbelievable homemade soups for us each week as well. I guess I have to say with Shelley near by, it’s like Christmas everyday. Even with cancer!  I feel it would be blessing of all time for the world if Shelley created a book, so that everyone could have a blueprint for their family, their friend, their love’s time of need... A Caregiver from the Angels like Shelley."

- Toni B, CEO, Acting For Life; President, Here's To Life Foundation; Writer, Lyricist, Actor, Teacher

"Shelley Whizin is a devoted student of life.  Her journey has taken many forms.  With a never-ending curiosity driving her to understand the questions of life, and more importantly, death, Shelley studied Native American Shamanism, the mystical traditions of Judaism, ancient traditions of Buddhism, Hinduism, Christianity, and other cultures. 

Shelley finds delight and purpose in every moment, and brings into every endeavor a joyful exuberance that is contagious.  Through her own life experiences, she came to understand that life is based on a series of choices, each serving the purpose of whether to value or devalue any given experience, altering the feeling within, completely coloring the moment, even the final moment of this dimension of life.  It is with this perspective, that she has implemented her growing skills into her professional, personal, and philanthropic life.

Shelley realized that beyond reading and seeking, is living that which one learns, that the spirit of an individual either soars and moves outward from within, or is denied and repressed.  It is this expression of life itself that draws Shelley to assist in the choices that are made about the quality of our final days, not only for the person making the transition, but for the entire family as well.  Shelley is committed to helping navigate the emotional turbulence we all experience in preparation for that final moment.  In her experience, she has found that when people became conscious about their own dying experience, they became more conscious of living.

In interviewing dozens of people that have had conscious dying experiences with their loved ones who have passed on, Shelley recognized something they all had in common: They each were left with feelings of great love and gratitude for blessings of that final moment, and the moments that led up to that final moment.  They each described it as “being the most beautiful experience they ever had.”  Because they held the intention of being conscious during the dying experience, they were able to hold their loved one in a sacred space for something beautiful.  They all experienced an overwhelming sense of peace, calm and completion, and said even the grieving period was easier, and less painful.  They all looked at their experience as something profound, far beyond their expectations.

Shelley is on a mission to shift the way Americans perceive, and actually have a dying experience.  Determined to empower those who are dying, along with their loved ones, to have a sacred dying experience, reflecting respect, love, dignity and grace, Shelley has come to realize that consciously dying, is, not only possible, it is life changing.   It is her intention to bring the beauty of this experience to the forefront in our society, to make talking about dying acceptable, as a natural evolution of one’s life, and to offer guidance in creating the most meaningful legacy one could leave another.

Shelley Whizin is a luminary that shares her compassion and care with others, with the intention of healing the experience with love.  Through her personal experiences of escorting people’s spirit through their final transition, Shelley has learned the most important thing of all, honoring the natural cycle of life. It is with this deep respect for the dying process, that Shelley is able to empower others to honor themselves, their loved ones, and the experience of a lifetime."

- Doreen R, Creator of The Bodyful© Mind.