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“I’m not afraid to die.  I just don’t want to be there when it happens.”

~ Woody Allen


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There is nothing I like better than facilitating a juicy discussion about Life, Death, and Dying.   We know that all of us one day, will die.  There's no question about that.  In my experience, it is better to prepare ourselves by diving right into the subject, and uncover some wisdom to help us navigate this human journey, with a sense of peace and grace, making it a healing journey, rather than to sit idly by, and wait, illprepared, for "it" to happen.

Have you ever been around someone who is terminally ill or in an active state of dying?  There's a good chance you know someone who has.  When we get around people who are sick or dying we sometimes don't know how to behave when we're around them.  We may not even know what to say or do, and because we feel inept and unprepared, we have a tendency to feed into our own fears, shut down our emotions, (just to cope), and stay away, making matters even worse.  We bring our own fearful "stuff" into the experience, imposing it onto our precious loved ones who are dying, without even being conscious of it.

It is my privilege to hold the space to have active discussions about death and dying, (which really leads to having active discussions about consciously living and experiencing life to the fullest).   Using the artistic vision of screenwriters, I have chosen to show a series of films that talk about these tender subjects, so that we can dive right into whatever comes up, to unpack any hidden feelings that you might be carrying around with you, with the goal to have a deeper sense of peace around the subject of death and dying, resulting in experiencing a sense of peace with life.

I invite you to join me, eat popcorn and snacks, and dive right in.

Defending Your Life with Meryl Streep and Albert Brooks - a 1991 romantic comedy-fantasy film about a man who dies and arrives in the afterlife only to find that he must stand trial and justify his lifelong fears in order to advance to the next phase of life; or be sent back to earth to do it again.  

Q. Are you justifying your fears, fighting for your own limitations, convincing others you have the right to be miserable?   Are you ready to find another way of living?


The Intouchables - Affluent paraplegic Philippe (François Cluzet) develops an unexpectedly close bond with his gruff aide, Driss (Omar Sy), in this affecting comedy drama inspired by a true story.

Q.  How are you around people who are dying, who are unable to be active in the way they used to be?  How are you when you get sick?  Does your attitude change?  Do you let gratitude lead the way?


Family Stone with Diane Keaton and Sarah Jessica Parker and other great cast. The Stone family unites in due to secret mother is carrying when their favorite son brings his uptight girlfriend home for the Christmas holiday, with plans of proposing. Overwhelmed by the hostile reception, she begs her sister to join her for emotional support, triggering further complications.

Q.  How do you cope when someone you love tells you they are dying?  What do you do?  How do you behave?


New Year ’s Eve – All star cast of people coming together on New Year’s Eve.

Q. Do you make New Year's resolutions, only to break them after a few months?  How do you feel when the year ends, satisfied with what you've done or dissatisfied and judgmental for not honoring your word?  How can you change?


The Bucket List - Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman star as two terminally ill cancer patients who decide to break out of the hospital and live their last days to the fullest.

Q. Have you made your bucket list?  Are you living the life you want to live or are you waiting until it may be too late?  What can you do about that?


Now is Good - A girl dying of leukemia compiles a list of things she'd like to do before passing away. Topping the list is her desire to lose her virginity.

Q. What are some of the ways you have denied yourself pleasure, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually?  Is fear standing in your way?  If so, what is that fear and why is it paralyzing you?

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