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“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever”

~ Ghandi

Welcome all you Soul Divers entering the healing waters of your soul.

Navigating the human experience, whether individually or in a group is a great responsibility I do not take lightly (even though I bring humor into the mix).   I always ask myself first, "if I were to die in the next moment, what would I feel about my life, right here, right now?  Am I living what I suggest?"  When I hear the answer from my heart, "My life is full, I feel so blessed, I am so grateful," I know I'm on the right path.  Being human is an unfolding of the soul.

Living meaningful, joyful and fulfilled lives cannot be measured in cost.  It can only be measured by the depth of our feelings of gratitude, grace and love.  Going within to find our own answers is not always easy.   We sometimes need someone to listen to us, someone that we know really cares, someone to love us up by giving us a new perspective of possibility that we may not have considered, someone who will hold the space for our experience without judgment, so we hear what has been silent for so long within ourselves.  

Every Individual Dive, with every individual diver is held with the utmost regard, dignity and honor. What I bring to the table is the belief that our human experience is a healing journey, regardless of the circumstances or outcomes.  Life's journey is filled with endless possible incomes (what we put in) and outcomes (what we get out).

The Soul Diving process is a healing of our heart, a gift from the soul.  

YOU: Whether you are healthy and raring to go, ready to engage with all aspects of your life, and want to plow through life transitions with gusto,  or you just found out you are ill (or know someone who is) or are dying (or know someone who is) I am here to give you my personal attention and support.

ME: I will assist you in identifying what the core issues may be, diving into your beliefs and behaviors, guiding your dive into your deepest knowing Self, to find out what your heart really wants.  

MY APPROACH: One part of the process is offering evocative questions for you to ponder, to help you to see your circumstance/situation differently.  The other part is using my strong intutuitive sense, reflecting and articulating what I am picking up from you.  With a balance of both, you'll surface empowered, with the ability to change the thoughts that keep you bound to your past, catapulting you into the present, becoming conscious of everything you think, do and say, which inevitably effects your future.

Individual Dives are specifically designed for each person.  There are no two programs alike, because there are no two human beings alike.  All of my clients get my personal special attention, that is highly confidential and private.

Your first step is to embark on a complimentary Exploration Session.

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I have a limited number of appointments available and they often book up quickly, so schedule your complimentary Exploration Session today!

I look forward to working with you.