While many people choose to have their services in a local funeral home, others choose to do that at the very best funeral home in America. The advantage of having it local is that it may be much easier for friends and family to get to the service, and to visit the final resting place afterward. Choosing the best funeral homes in America allows you to make sure that your loved one’s remains are well taken care of for eternity. If you are in the group that wants the most beautiful, then consider these places.

7 Funeral Homes to Consider

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There are many beautiful funeral homes in America. Therefore, it is easy to give your loved one a gorgeous place to rest.

1.Neptune Memorial Reef

The Neptune Memorial Reef is located 3.25 miles east of Key Biscayne in Miami, Florida. It is the largest man-made reef in the world. Forty feet beneath the ocean’s surface will be your loved one’s final resting place. In addition to being a beautiful final resting place, the reef serves as the home for many species of marine life. A species of sea urchin thought to be extinct has even been found living in this underwater city. The city is complete with beautiful benches and statues made of stone. Remains are respectfully placed there once a week.

2. Rocky Creek Preserve Funeral Homes

Near Wilmington, South Carolina, people find Rocky Creek Preserve. Above the ground, the area looks like an old-growth forest. Under the ground, this area is a cemetery. All bodies buried at Rocky Creek Preserve are not treated with embalming fluid. If a casket is chosen, then it must be made of untreated wood. Many choose to skip the coffin all together, choosing a biodegradable burial shroud instead. All graves are dug by hand often by family members. The funeral home is a small wooden church on the grounds. Instead of tombstones, this funeral home uses wooden markers and stones to mark the space.

3. Rocky Mountain Memorial Park

Those who choose to have their loved one’s body cremated can have the remains placed at Rocky Mountain Memorial Park near Denver, Colorado. This beautiful natural preserve is operated by Horan & McConaty Funeral Home. The family can choose to have the remains placed near a mountain stream, on a hillside or at other gorgeous locations within the natural park. Families can choose to have a tombstone erected in a common area if they desire. The funeral home operates two memorial parks offering visitors the widest variety of choices possible.

4. Frank E. Campbell Funeral Homes

Many of New York City’s most famous residents choose Frank E. Campbell Chapel to handle their funeral home services. This includes Joan Rivers, Heath Ledger, Judy Garland, Walter Cronkite and Lauren Bacall. This funeral home is well known for its top-notch security provided by their own security team and off-duty New York City cops. Most funerals held there are extremely private affairs. In order to ensure privacy, people cannot enter with their phones in the main chapel. This chapel’s staff works very hard to accommodate everyone’s desire including one service where everyone painted and another attended by the loved one’s dogs.

5. Storke Funeral Home

People who have family members who are interested and eligible to have their loved ones buried in Arlington National Cemetery or Quantico National Cemetery often choose to work with Storke Funeral Home. They understand the complicated rules for getting someone buried at either of these prestigious cemeteries. They also have the storage necessary to handle the long delays that are often present when a family chooses to have their loved ones buried here. This funeral director has been working with families for over 25 years. They also receive bodies with great respect at any local airport working with families from around America.

6. Forest Lawn

Forest Lawn has been the choice for Hollywood stars for many years. People that they have served include Walt Disney, Elizabeth Taylor, Humphrey Bogart, Michael Jackson and many others. The company operates ten cemeteries allowing everyone to make the decision that is right for their family. This funeral home even offers a special international phone line. So, they easily accommodate people from many different languages. They also have a fully-trained mortician available around the clock. Forest Lawn has a choice of five different chapels so that everyone finds one meeting their needs. This company has been offering service since 1906.

7. Hooker Whitcomb Funeral and Cremation Services

For more than 100 years, Hooker Whitcomb Funeral and Cremation Services has been serving families in Barre, Vermont. Before 1935, people held funerals in their own homes. After 1935, they began to hold funerals in special facilities, like this one. Most of the funerals held here are buried at the Barre Cemetery. The city goes by the name of the granite capital of the world. Therefore, this facility is quite unique. In other words, all its tombstones must contain granite as their primary material. Many of the tombstones are very fanciful including a large chair, a model car, and a large heart. Tombstones in the cemetery have become so whimsical that the city’s elected officials must now approve their design.

The United States has several choices when it comes to funeral homes. If you are interested in having your loved one taken care of by the very best staff, then consider these services. While each is unique, they each are experts at meeting the needs of families during their time of loss. Burial in a city at sea, natural burials in nature preserves, elaborate ceremonies fit for a king to whimsical cemeteries everyone can find one that meets their needs. It is a highly personal decision, so do not let anyone force you into doing something you do not want to do.

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