Soul Diving Institute

BEing Conscious

It's only when we truly know and understand that we have a limited time on earth
and that we have no way of knowing when our time is up, we will then begin
to live each day to the fullest, as if it was the only one we had. 

~ Elisabeth Kubler-Ross

There are a multitude of sensations that we feel and experience being in a physical body.  When we take responsibility for being aware of our sensations, thoughts, beliefs, behaviors, and actions, our lives become an exciting experiment, being led by our genuine curiosity about this business, we call, living and dying.  We become eager to learn more, to be more, to live more.

It’s one thing to become conscious, yet another to stay conscious.  We need to consistently expose ourselves to new ways of thinking, being, and behaving, taking us out of the land of old limiting paradigms, and into the land of infinite possibilities.  When we allow ourselves to continually shift and transform who we “used” to be, and how we “used” to think, we become who we "want" to be, altering ourselves and creating a new norm, now and forever.   

This 30-day experiment into BEing Conscious is designed to dive within yourself to explore and expand your understanding of the 3 fundamentals of BEing Conscious, putting you on a path to actually living the life you would most love living... experiencing that delicious sense of peace... and grace... all the way to what we think is the end of life (as we know it).



These pillars provide a framework to help you explore your own beliefs, your own behavior, and help you to ask questions about who you want to become, while being guided and supported with a gentle hand. 

It’s a healing journey into your deepest self… a dive into exploring what makes you “tick,” discovering different ways of looking at your experience of being human, helping you make THIS moment the BEST possible moment ever!  

Inside the program:


Every part of our life experiences is based on a belief that we hold.  Whether this belief is true or not, is irrelevant.  What is relevant is how we feel about what we believe, and how we behave in our lives. 

In order to know what drive us, we must take the time to examine the limiting beliefs we hold to find out which ones are faulty, which ones are not ours, and which ones we need to shift.  And, as you know, beliefs can change.  That is the beauty of our imagination. We can believe one thing today and believe something else tomorrow.  This pillar is the first place to begin our exploration.

You will learn:

• To be open and willing to dive within yourself and own what you find.

• About your own beliefs, expanding your understanding of what it means to be human.

• To be comfortable in your own skin so you make the most of who your are.

• To feel confident in imagining and expressing who you are.


We can’t really separate our behavior from what we believe, because how we behave is directly connected to what we believe.  What we can do is take a deeper look at our behavior and see how we can optimize the way in which we do things. 

Our ultimate goal is to be in alignment with our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves, so that we have the best life experiences possible. 

You will learn:

To focus on your body, increasing your awareness of what you're experiencing.

• To notice your behavior without judging it.

• To use your behavior to increase your state of well-being.

• To remain committed to your desires and recognize the progress you're making.


When a sense of grace infuses our natural state of being, it is an indication that what we believe is in alignment with how we behave. As we become who we have always wanted to be, we experience a state of peace and inner calm, a place of acceptance within ourselves and the life around us.

We handle situations and experiences much differently, and we are able to stay the eye of the storm more often than not, without getting caught up in the tornado around us. 

We experience more joy in our lives because we are more joyful, and we experience more love because we become more loving.
You will learn:

To always be aware of where you are physically, mentally, and emotionally.

• To stay connected with your inner Self and others, and the world around you.

• The benefits of being in gratitude, grace, & joy, always coming from the heart.

• To appreciate yourself as the unique imaginator, creator, and generator of your own human experience.


Here is what to expect: 

  • 4 - 60 minute group phone classes (1/week)
  • A safe space to dive in and explore your new self, becoming more conscious
  • Access to recorded calls
  • Special rate for one on one private phone sessions for group participants